Radio is now available.  It is an internet radio with easy-to-use sampling features and a fabulously esoteric collection of internet radio station presets.  It comes as both a standalone app and a DAW plugin (VST, AU, AAX Native).

You can find hundreds of ideas by just pushing the RANDOM preset button.  And whether you find a vocal snippet, the applause from a classical concert, a phrase from an indian instrument, a chord change from a jazz record, or invent a lyric based on something you heard on talk radio, there’ll be something for you a few clicks away.

Obviously there are legal issues with sampling audio, unless you stick to the public domain radio content (yep – there is such a thing). But, if you’re using it strictly for inspiration it’s a gold mine of sound design ideas.  And you can usually recreate something similar in the studio without crossing into breaches of copyright*.

Everyone whose seen the prerelease version has loved it, so click here to find out more.

*If you want to use content directly in a record you should probably seek professional advice and/or obtain the permission of the relevant rights holders.

Jim Credland
Jim Credland (Head Typist at Credland Audio)