Alpha testing and encouragement

Darren Tate, Chris Cowie, Dom Kane, Andy Guthrie, Dom Graveson, Andy Young, Stephen Powell, Andy Wilson.

Beta testing

All the beta testers, but particularly: Rauli P, Daniel D, Rich, Diogo B, Thomas N, Santino, Thomas S, Ken T and Armando P who all provided really useful feedback.  Including pointing out that some people do still use Windows XP :)

Development and other help

Oli Larkin (

D. Guy John ( who spent a day here helping with the source code control issues!

Keith Malin ( who is the nicest man.  Visit his shop if you have any kind of gear lust …

Andrew Simper who is a very approachable genius.

And finally .. 

Julian Storer ( who writes very easy to read (and exceptionally stable) code and the Digidesign developer programme team.


Hopefully I’ve not forgotten anyone – if you think you ought to be on the list it was oversight and poor record keeping at this end – mail me –  and thank you! Jim.